In the summer of 2020, while the world was going through the COVID19 pandemic, Juana Bandana (Juana Berríos) created a safe space for families to share stories. We learned to identify and express our emotions.
The children got closer to the traditional stories. In this program we would like to invite storytellers from different parts of the world to share the stories of their lands.
En el verano del 2020 mientras en mundo atravesaba la pandemia del Covid Juana Bandana ( Juana Berríos) crea un espacio seguro para que  las familias puedan compartir historias. Aprendimos a identificar y expresar nuestras emociones.
Los niños se acercaron a las historias tradicionales. Nos gustaría invitar a narradores de diferentes partes del mundo a compartir las historias de sus tierras.

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